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As part of the M.L.L. Art collective, Zach is best known for his inventive use of technology to display his artistic viewpoint. His electrifying works show a daring look at the abstract landscape, allowing viewers to relate to his emotions and his sense of adventure. His aesthetic and conceptual roots can be traced to his early work in graffiti and performance art. Influenced by creatives from New York to LA, he would ultimately transform these first experiences into large scale digital-based work and focus on bringing these works into the physical world.  


He mentions that he "is constantly fascinated by the seemingly endless possibilities of computerized systems. I work in different modes from digital painting, code writing, motion graphics, and generative art. Often, my works rely on concepts from programming to generate visual output. While my digital work may appear at times to be random, I aim to employ a sense of precision in my artistic pursuits. I believe this precision also manifests in the digital and analog worlds I inhabit.  Recently, my work has taken a turn to the material and the concept of "play." I am excited to experiment with my new ideas and am eager to work with new collaborators. I welcome your support and feedback."


He welcomes you to accompany him on his journey. His works can be found here, and he is also active on Instagram at M.L.L.Art.

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