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London based contemporary artist Zander Coy employs a range of techniques and draws on eclectic source material. From the anarchy of his early graffiti on the street to his disciplined work as a studio painter he has been influenced by the imagery of Pop Art, Collage, and Surrealism.

Using a hot and cold palette, surprising harmonies are generated through vibrant chromatic extremes. Coy flirts with abstraction whilst punctuating each painting with mysterious symbols of modernity. His images offer the onlooker a glimpse of other worlds, of another mystical realm - juggling the real and the surreal.

Coy is fascinated by seeking out a visual equivalence for the shapes and forms one sees in nature and everyday life.

Compositions invite the viewer to extrapolate their own narrative from these worlds. His work explores the notions of escapism, yearning, vulnerability, and transience. Colour however is king, a realm of constant pleasure.


Exhibited at:

2015 ‘A Side B Side Gallery’, London, England.

2016 ‘Saatchi Gallery London’, London, England.

2017 and 2019 ‘Jealous Gallery East’, London, England

2018 ‘Jealous Gallery North', London, England.

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