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In regards to education, I have received my Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, with a concentration in sculpture, particularly in wood and metal fabrication. With an initial foundation in Architecture, my skills include 3D modeling and 3D fabrication through Laser cutting and CNC milling, traditional drafting, and Graphic Design.


As an educator, I spent 4 years as a 2D/3D Art instructor for grades K-6. My primary curriculum is aimed to promote the comprehension of emotional value in early childhood development through contemporary styles of art and exploration of mediums. Currently, I am a part-time, freelance lecturer as a Creative Ambassador for the Diverse Art Center, a local non-profit here in Hawaii whose vision is to provide creative outlets and opportunities for the youth.


As a variety, creative broadcaster, I regularly live stream on an internet platform weekly working on art for a global audience. The engagement with my audience is intended to promote positive mental health and creativity through entertainment.


With my mom being the youngest of six girls, I was raised in a very female empowered environment. My floral subject matter stems from my association with their maternal roots. I grew up with mom’s rose garden in the backyard and grandma’s orchid pots at the front gate. I fell in love with the poetry behind the petals I’ve kept and the memories that bloomed after each season. Over time, I fell in love with the gardens of others. Understanding the hidden stanzas people kept in their greenhouses keeps me invigorated. People underestimate the power of petals, but even a single flower can hold so many beautiful things.



2019 - Featured artist for Mental Health of America in Hawaii. Showcase & banquet consisting of 8 charcoal drawings and 2 sculpture installations.



2020 - Paper Petals Project. An international movement I’ve created to promote positive mental health and creativity through paper petals. Providing creative resources for teachers across the country to distribute to their students. Teachers range from elementary to university level.

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