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Zhanna Shishova, freelance artist,

who started drawing in the Hermitage art Studio of Boris Klementiev in 2015. She worked with private teachers such as famous Russian artists Viktor Nevzorov (a member of the Union of Russian artists), Vera Zanegina (textile artist).

Zhanna Shishova currently runs a Creative workshop in the Eastern District of Moscow. Her life is strongly associated with various types of art. Her motto: "Live! Gaze! Think!» She tries to see and notice art in everything. Each day brings its own inspiration, which remains to be translated into art. She considers old architecture and antique items as a special source of inspiration, and still adds interesting details to her father's collections. She draws, photographs, writes poetry and makes collages. But a special love in her work is occupied by textiles. In Zhanna's home workshop, there is a great variety of fabric pieces, which are the source of incredible scenes and stories, firstborn in her imagination, and then come to reality.

"I like collage, I like any unity of the parts, the fragments make up a unified whole…How people make up humanity, and countries and continents make up the big world. This world can be rearranged again and again, be transformed according to your own mind, or, if necessary, transform yourself to be organically embedded in the universal collage. Art collage can be simple, clear, or complex and multi-faceted, but any collage requires creative effort, and creativity is art... " - says the author.

Exhibitions: 2016 Central exhibition hall "Manege" Moscov – a family antique collection

2017, April - DC "LYCEUM" (Moscow ) "Interconnections" (collage)

2018-2019, September-local History Museum of Michurinsk-participation in the collective annual exhibition of paintings of the Union of regional artists

2018, October-personal photo exhibition "Philosophy of moments" (70 photos), Golitsyn Literary and music Museum

2018, November-presentation of the collection of poems "Kaleidoscope"

2019, January - group exhibition "Winter palette" (TEXTILES) Moscow, the international Festival kaleidoscope of friendship (Moscov, Arbat, 9)

2019, January-group exhibition, IZO Art gallery (Moscov, Romanov per., 4)

2019, March-curating and participating in the group exhibition "Collages", exhibition wall in art-Food "Sunflowers "(Moscow)

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