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Art is impulsive and sometimes explosive. It is happiness or sadness, anger or contentment. It provokes and it seduces. When those feelings transfer to the canvas,  they become a relationship between the artist and the world. When I first started painting,  the focus was style and technique. Now the goal is to convey the darkest and lightest parts of life and situations. My paintings always tell a story, convey a feeling, show an observation, or reveal my own torment.   

     The first painting I ever saw was a print of the Blue Violinist by Marc Chagall that hung in our living room. At four, I felt awestruck by this vivid dreamscape that felt like watching a movie. For me, all art kept leading back to tribal art, Native American and African redirected into modern art. Artist Willem de Kooning said  a piece of art is never finished, and this made me realise the process of creating is never-ending.  Every artist has a vision and a journey. I see art as a vessel of communication conveying my thoughts, emotions and torments.

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