Zlatan Woszerow is my artistic nickname, I am a digital abstract artist who lives in Poland.

As an artist, after decades of incubation,  I was born accidentally not long ago but on 28th of January 2019,  by making my first digital painting, while playing with an iPad.  Since that day I have been maturing very fast, now I am - as an artist - probably in my mid-twenties. During that time I have had a chance to miss all of available artistic schools and academia and … I did it, which I don’t regret. Unfortunately (or fortunately)   I still cannot find any “philosophy” or theory behind my art -  each time my inspiration comes from the creative process itself and for me is beyond any rational explanation.  Probably it comes from my non-conformist nature and sense of humor combined with my fascinating professional and life experience far away from the artistic world, and from long-lasting communing with the classical and modern literature, jazz, contemporary music, and fine art. The creation of each new artwork surprises me and still is the source of my inner disbelief in the authorship of the result (is it really me?),  by the way  - the positive answer I got makes me each time very happy. Still being a relatively young artist I can’t keep up with artistic ideas, so I work with passion every day.  Usually, I start with my abstract paint,  digital drawing or photography made by myself, which next I transform digitally in different ways, using digital finger painting techniques, mixing with previous works or applying filters.   Fortunately, my artistic process is rather joyful than painful, so that is why I keep going.

Despite the very short period of my artistic existence (mainly on Instagram, where I build my artistic reputation),  my artworks have already been exhibited this year on April 2019  art3F in Luxembourg, during Art Parma Fair in Italy in November and on Manhattan in NewyorkART gallery in August and September. In December this year, I am going to China to exhibit my artworks at the Canton Art Fair, where I was invited.

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