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My name is Žymantė Indrašiūtė.

Born 1991-september-01 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

I grow up without mother, with my older sister and my dad.I was always surrounded by art. My grandmother is famous ceramics artist, made exhibitions in many countries. My auntie is artist making ceramics, very talented, selling her work around globe. My uncle is graphic artist, and pottery artist. My dad is sculptor, but he's also do painting, bespoke furniture, ceramics and any kind of art possible. He's my best teacher and advisor. Every time I want to publish my work , I call my dad to ask what else I could improve or change to make it perfect. He's always there with support, critics and advice.

I always used to like to paint , like any other ordinary kid. But surrounded by lakes, forest and art it grows into to your soul, and now I just need to make art to live, because it like air I breath, to me. I feel better when I create, I feel best when I can share it and make other people happy with my works.

Around age of 10 I started to decorate pottery made by my dad ( mugs, plates, vases etc.) and ceramic sculptures made by my grandmother. Used to love it, create and put symbols of my country culture and ethnology on to it.

Paint on canvas I started when I was 20 years old.. First it was wobbly and unsure creations, but after I fell in love with kind of way of art.Started make my fantasies into beautiful pieces. I sold couple of my works for friends, but there was far for live of it.

When I finished school at 19 , I started studies of Lithuanian language at Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences , but after 1,5 years I felt that it not for me and drop off. Although I loved read, and write, but my whole hearth was into art more then into literature.

When I was 22 years old, I decided to try my luck abroad, and earn money for art studies. I went to United Kingdom and started work at one of the factory.Job wasn't easy or even pleasant but I had my goal inside my mind. After I fed up with warehouse work, and not such a big income to save fast, I decided to get back to my country.  I was missing my family so much, and nature of my country.Then I met my partner and I changed my mind. I decided to give England another chance. Was carry on working same job, started enjoying life. After 2 years my first daughter was born. I was creating canvas during pregnancy but when baby arrived that was not possible. Art had to go aside of family life. After nearly 3 years my second daughter was born. I was very busy with two kids, while partner was working 12 hours shifts nights and days. Missing my sister, dad, and friends, other family also, it was getting harder and harder for me. All the time at home, in the city with minimal places of nature, surrounded by concrete. I reached breaking point when I felt like my life stopped and I go nowhere. Then paintbrush and colours come to rescue.I started paint again, feeling free ,let go of minds in my head. I felt depressed and colours was my remedy. My dad, sister, and friends was pushing me, supporting, tell me don't stop, to believe in myself. I am very glad listen to them, not to dark mind in my head.

At summer 2019 my dad ask me to send all my works to Lithuania , so they can participate in exhibition back in my home town.It's not big event but it was big event for me. Because I could show what I do to people I grew along side with, and be part in group of other really talented and amazing artist.

After that I was trying many different ways of making art, from canvas, to paper, from paper to glass. I still have so many ideas and they all so different from one another. Painting on canvas gives me so much pleasure, but more graphic pieces is my heaven. I feel totally freedom from rules and standards. In my opinion art it what's  gives you freedom, and whats gives others pleasure to look at.

My works is based on nature motives, and colours, as it's grew inside me and sets me free from concrete walls, rain and everyday routine. My kids are my biggest motivation, because I want to show them that creative people and art makes this world more beautiful and better. And it can take you to magical places if you want. They make me believe in myself, and my biggest support is my dad, my sister, my family and friends. Without them I wouldn't be where I am now.

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